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m-risk is the leading Latin American company in cloud solutions for corporate risk management, with more than ten years of experience and more than a thousand users who every day mitigate their non-compliance risks with our integrated management system.

We offer solutions to simplify your interaction with the environment and to increase risk control and sustainability of your business on the pillars of quality, innovation and customer service. Your organization minimizes strategic risks from an integral management collaborating with the operational continuity and fulfillment of objectives.

Since 2007, the m-risk Platform has evolved to meet the needs of its users. Currently m-risk solutions are used in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru countries where their industries have demonstrated the need to control the different processes focused on regulatory compliance and ensure the operational continuity of companies and projects.


We present a set of software solutions in the cloud for managing Environmental issues, Communities, Legal Compliance, Health and Safety, and Risk Management. Our objective is that our clients successfully achieve sustainable development over time.

Our Clients

Multiple companies from various industries including; mining, energy, utilities and agro-industries have incorporated TORESA into its operational management. All have notably seen improvement of outcomes and a timely control over risk management.